Bed bugs found require blood to breed and feed on blood to survive. They find a way to get the food they need in homes and businesses. Bed bugs find a hiding place in your home waiting for mealtime. What’s a bed bug’s favorite food source? Your family, customers and employee’s blood is often times their ONLY source of food. While they may feed on warm blooded animals such as pets, they much prefer human blood and will seek it out. Because they can go a year without a meal, they are willing to wait to feed on their preferred source.

These tiny bugs can be difficult to spot at first glance. Bed bugs found in your home or business also have a transparent skin making them more difficult to detect. Sometimes the environment they have chosen is cluttered enough to conceal them. Once bed bugs reach their adult size, they’re hard to miss!

An infestation can sometimes begin with just a few bed bugs. It only takes a couple of months to have a full blow infestation. There’s no real “prevention method” for defending your home or business against a bed bug infestation. However, it’s a good idea to stay visually aware of living and sleeping areas of your home or business. Bed bugs hitchhike! They’ll hitch a ride from almost anywhere.

Since bed bugs can thrive in even the cleanest environment, early detection is essential. When you find bed bugs in your home, call us and we can help with our proven heat elimination treatment.

Despite their name, bed bugs are not limited to beds. They can also be found in wooden and upholstered furniture. Even carpets, walls and electrical outlets.

While there are some do-it- yourself methods and preventative measures you can take, hiring a professional is the best and fastest method.

As a renter, you can not hire us to treat your bed bugs without us talking to your landlord.  Please have your landlord call us and schedule service at your address.

Heat treatment is often used to eliminate bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, and ants.